Past Summer Events

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You Rock

You Rock Event, a summer event where the community will go out and find a specific colored rocks around their town. Each rock has a point and the most points wins some super cool prizes!

Science Days

Science days was held in Ferguson Flats and Elk Point. Children and Teens would come out and learn some cool science experiements and make some of their own, for example alka-seltzer Rockets!

Sandcastle Contest

Sandcastle contest was held at Whitney Lake, families would come out and make sandcastles. The biggest and coolest sandcastle wins a ribbon!

Iron Horse Trail Scavenger Hunt

This even was new to the County of St. Paul and Elk Point FCSS in 2021! The Scavenger Hunt went along the Iron Horse trail for family and friends can ride down and figure out the clues and their destinations to pick up all 8 tags and win a prize.


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